I am a Professor of Environmental Geography at Sheffield University, England.

My research focuses on how we understand, value and (ab)use the environment. I am particularly interested in inspiring grassroots solutions to environmental problems and in hopeful and positive ways in which we can change social practices. This work includes a concern for justice; recognising that the broader context of environmental problems is often inequality, colonialism, racism and neo-liberalism. As a geographer I am interested in how these different issues connect, relate and entangle at different scales and in diverse places.

b&w paintingI have conducted research in Britain, Australia, USA, Spain, Thailand and Argentina. I am experienced in a range of empirical research methods – in-depth interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, photography and ethnography – used in a range of fieldwork situations from businesses in London to forest blockades in Australia. I seek to work with others through participatory methodologies in research design, practice, and production of knowledge. For example I have completed an open-access collaborative book on Low Impact Development with environmental activists in Britain.

I have previously focused upon the role of internet technologies in social justice and environmental campaigns, in particular their use in radical environmental activism and anti-war movements in Britain, and for Indymedia in Australia.

DSC_0035My different research projects are outlined on the Research Projects page.

I currently write regularly on my Green Building Blog