These are arranged by: invited talks, workshops, conference presentations

Invited Talks


Why are you here? Navigating neoliberal academia and embracing failure’, Royal Geographical Society PGR Conference, virtual online, August 2020.


‘Why do eco-communities matter?” Edinburgh University, March 2019


‘Settler geographies of responsibility’, Macquarie University, NSW, Australia, October 2018

‘Placing responsibility in Indigenous-settler relations’, Wollongong University, NSW, Australia, October 2018

‘Understanding and changing socio-environmental relations’, University of Wollongong, Australia, November 2018

‘Reconfiguring society-environment relations: eco-communities and the (re)creation of peopled-landscapes’, Newcastle University, February 2018


‘Disrupting the Environment: Eco-communities and the reconfiguration of place’, Irish Geographers Conference, Cork, May, 2017

‘Environmentalists’ Temporalities’, Glasgow University, March 2017

‘Thinking socio-geographically about eco-homes’, York University, March 2017

‘Eco-Homes for all: Why the socio-cultural matters in encouraging eco-building’, University of Tasmania, Hobart, January 2017


‘Lived environmentalisms: Indigeneity, encounters and decolonisation in Australia’s north’, Melbourne University, Australia October 2016

‘Black and Green: The future of Indigenous and environmental relations in Australia’, Western Sydney University, Deakin University, and Flinders University, Australia October 2016

‘Experimental eco-communities: Building homes, houses and community’, Intentional Communities conference, Cardiff Metropolitan University, June, 2016

‘Experimental environmentalism: Building anti-capitalist alternatives’, GPES, Oxford Brookes University, April 2016


‘Everyday environmentalism: Indigeneity, encounters and decolonisation in Australia’s north’, Geography, Hull University, October 2015

‘Building eco-homes, building place’, Geography, Liverpool University, April 2015

‘Remaking urban eco-housing for all’ Sheffield School of Architecture, March 2015

Environmentalists’ temporalities: Urgency, transitions and the futureOxford University, February


Ethics, risk and complexity in the field. Institute of Education, London, November

Placing Eco-Homes: How eco-builders (mis)understand place. School of Geography, Manchester University, November


‘Supporting, researching and understanding eco-villages’. Realizing Utopia: Ecovillage Endeavors and Academic Approaches, Munich, October


Cyberprotest: innovation and resistance online. Nottingham University, October

Sustaining activism: emotions, space and solidarities? Exeter University, May

Low Impact Development in the City. School of Geography, Oxford University, February


Connecting places: Activism, media and everyday political practices. Lucerne, Switzerland September

Valuing the environment differently. Centre for Environmental Research (CERES), Leicester University, March


Anti-War Activism: New Media and Protest. Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University, September

United by a common cause? Muslim anti-war activism in Britain. Peace Studies, Bradford University, February

Cyberprotest: A new politics? European Protest Movements, Prague, August


Walking side by side? Muslim anti-war activism in Britain. Leicester CND, June

Making connections: What does it mean to be a Muslim anti-war activist? Exeter University, May

What do we want Resistance Studies to do?. Resistance Studies Network launch, Goteborg University, Sweden, June


New Social Movements, coalitions and religion: Muslim anti-war activists in Britain. After New Social Movements workshop, Open University, April

Notes towards autonomous geographies: creation, resistance and self-management as survival tactics. Department of Geography, Swansea University, February (with Dr Paul Chatterton)


Radical politics on the net. Presented at De Montfort University, e-democracy workshop, November

Finding common ground? Green imperialism and indigenous interests in Australia. Liverpool University, December

Finding common ground: Environmentalists and indigenous issues in Australia. School of Australian Indigenous Studies, James Cook University, July.

Indymedia and contested understandings of participation on-line. Bournemouth University, February.



Organised workshop on ‘Building new collaborations in eco-housing research and practice: geography, architecture and environmental sciences’, (2011) where I presented a talk on ‘The culture of low-cost eco-housing’, Leicester, September.


Photography exhibition on Eco-housing and Low Impact Developments. 2008. Exhibited in University of Leicester Library, Star and Shadow Social Centre (Newcastle)


‘Alliances and Fractures: The Anti-War movement in Britain’ Leicester Secular Society, Leicester, October

‘Walking side by side? Muslim anti-war activism in Britain’, Leicester CND, Leicester, June

‘Low Impact Living’ workshop as part of Spring into Action, Nottingham, April


Social Centres Photography exhibition, The Common Place: Leeds Social Centre, Leeds, February, and Kebele Social Centre, Bristol, June


Pickerill, J. 2020. The tensions of teaching as inherently political. Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future, online, September

Pickerill, J. 2019. Self-built infrastructures for climate proof living: Eco-communities, experiments and divergent temporalities. New Climate Urbanisms Conference, University of Sheffield, September

Pickerill, J. 2019. Rethinking environmentalisms. Future Extinction workshop, University of Sheffield, September.

Pickerill, J. 2019. Forest futures: lived-in, living and live. Evolving the Forest Conference, Dartingdon, June.

Sloan Morgan, V and Pickerill, J. 2016. Responsibility as relational resistance. Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, August.

Pickerill, J. 2016. Black and Green: The future of Indigenous-environmental relations in Australia. Symposium on the future of Environmental NGOs, Oxford University, June.

Barker, A and Pickerill, J. 2016. Doings on the land: geographies of place-agency, indigenous action and decolonialized geographies. Presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, San Francisco

Pickerill, J. 2016. Gender Challenges. Collaborative Housing and Community Resilience ESRC Seminar Series, Sheffield University, January.

Pickerill, J. 2015. Decolonizing Australia’s north: Indigenous environmental activism. Presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Chicago

Pickerill, J. 2014.  The messy Kimberley: Indigenous environmental politics in Australia’s north. Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, August.

Pickerill, J. 2014. The stories we tell: Re-building a history of eco-housing. Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, August.

Pickerill, J. 2013. Working together, genders apart: Women builders in eco-communities. Presented at International Communal Societies Association Conference, Findhorn, June.

Pickerill, J. 2012. Charting new currents: Eco-building and how environmental solutions travel. Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Edinburgh, July.

Pickerill, J. 2012. Impacting who, when, and for whose gain? Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Edinburgh, July.

Pickerill, J. 2012. Low impact housing in transition in Britain. Presented at ESRC Seminar Series on Transitions, Manchester, April.

Pickerill, J. 2011. Cold comfort? The practices of forgoing in eco-building. Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, September

Brown, G, Kraftl, K, Pickerill, J and Upton, C. 2010. Holding the Future Together: towards a theorisation of the diverse spaces and times of transition. Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, August

Pickerill, J, Brown, G, Kraftl, P and Upton, C. 2009. Whose transitions? Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Manchester, August

Pickerill. J. 2009. Building liveable cities: urban Low Impact Developments as low carbon solutions? Presented at Urban Transitions/ Technological Transitions: Cities and Low Carbon Transitions workshop, Manchester, May

Pickerill, J. 2008. Finding unity across difference? The alliances and fractures of the anti-war movement in Britain. Presented at Political Studies Association 58th Annual Conference, 1-3 April, Swansea University.

Pickerill, J. 2007. Finding common ground? Spaces of dialogue and the negotiation of Indigenous interests in environmental campaigns in Australia. Presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, August

Pickerill, J. 2007. ‘Walking side by side? Muslim anti-war activism in Britain’. Presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, San Francisco

Pickerill, J. 2006. ‘Living autonomously? Land, housing, food, and energy’ Presented at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, August.

Pickerill, J. 2005 ‘Riding the waves of environmental activism: Participation and uneasy alliances in Western Australia’, Ecopolitics Conference, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, July.

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Pickerill, J. 2003. ‘Out in the open: Indymedia networks in Australia’ presented at iCS Symposium, Oxford University, September.

Pickerill, J. 2003. ‘Distance and diversity: Saving Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia’ Proceedings of Ninth Alternative Futures and Popular Protest conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, April.

Pickerill, J. 2002. ‘On-line independent media: history, successes and future directions’ presented atStudents and Sustainability conference, Perth, July.

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